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Actionable advice and relatable content to help you build confidence. Hosted by someone who's been there, confidence coach Lyndsey Getty. Let's get real and build some confidence so you can do the thing... you know that think you want to do but haven't done yet.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Show up For Yourself—100

    Ending the 100 podcasts in 100 days series with a thank you to listeners and a reminder that if you continually show up for yourself, you can, you are, and you will! ...


  2. You Are Deserving—99

    To have success in any type of personal development we need to know that we are deserving. Sounds easy but it may be more difficult than it seems. Learn how here so you can confidently build your confidence. ...


  3. Urgency!!—98

    Living in a world where everything seems urgent leaves us with a ball of stress and anxiety. Let’s talk about taking a breath and how prioritizing what we need is an act of self-empowerment. ...


  4. Trial & Error—97

    Guru’s and influencers will tell you that self development is one size fits all. But it’s really trial and error. Let’s talk about it so you have realistic expectations and don’t get discouraged. ...


  5. Ups and Downs—96

    Build confidence and finding self-worth has it’s ups and downs. Let’s talk about how to work through the downs and make the best of the us so you can confidently ride this title wave! ...